ARP Create

Use the ARP Create page to add an entry to the Address Resolution Protocol table.

To access this page, click Routing > ARP Table > Summary in the navigation menu.

The ARP Table displays at the bottom of the page, and contains the following fields:

Use the buttons to perform the following tasks:

Click to expand in new window

ARP Create Fields

Field Description
IP Address The IP address of a network host on a subnet attached to one of the device's routing interfaces. When adding a static ARP entry, specify the IP address for the entry after you click Add.
MAC Address The unicast MAC address (hardware address) associated with the network host. When adding a static ARP entry, specify the MAC address to associate with the IP address in the entry.
Interface The routing interface associated with the ARP entry. The network host is associated with the device through this interface.
Type The ARP entry type:
  • Dynamic: An ARP entry that has been learned by the router
  • Gateway: A dynamic ARP entry that has the IP address of a routing interface
  • Local: An ARP entry associated with the MAC address of a routing interface on the device
  • Static: An ARP entry configured by the user
Age The age of the entry since it was last learned or refreshed. This value is specified for Dynamic or Gateway entries only (it is left blank for all other entry types).

After you enter an IP address and the associated MAC address, click Submit to apply the changes to the system and create the entry in the ARP table.