ISDP Cache Table

From the ISDP Cache Table page, you can view information about other devices the switch has discovered through the ISDP.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > ISDP > Cache Table in the navigation menu.

The following table describes the fields available on this page.

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ISDP Cache Table Fields

Field Description
Device ID Displays the string with Device ID which is reported in the most recent ISDP message.
Interface Displays the interface that this neighbor is attached to.
IP Address The (first) network-layer address that is reported in the Address TLV of the most recently received ISDP message.
Version Displays the Version string for the neighbor.
Hold Time Displays the ISDP hold time for the neighbor.
Capability Displays the ISDP Functional Capabilities for the neighbor.
Platform Displays the ISDP Hardware Platform for the neighbor.
Port ID Displays the ISDP port ID string for the neighbor.
Protocol Version Displays the ISDP Protocol Version for the neighbor.
Last Time Changed Displays when entry was last modified.
Clear (Button) Clears all entries from the table. The table is repopulated as ISDP messages are received from neighbors.