Renumbering Stack Members

  1. If particular numbering is required, we recommend that stack members be assigned specific numbers when they are first installed and configured in the stack, if possible.
  2. If the desired stack unit number for a particular unit is unused, a unit can be renumbered simply by using the command switch oldunit-id renumber newunit-id in Global Config mode.
  3. Renumbering a non-manager unit requires the unit to be rebooted for the renumbering to take effect. Renumbering a manager unit requires a reboot of all the switches in the stack for the renumbering to take effect.
  4. If the newunit-id has been preconfigured, you may need to remove the newunit-id from the configuration before renumbering the unit.
  5. If reassignment of multiple existing stack unit numbers is necessary, there are a number of implications in terms of mismatching of configuration. In this case, we recommend that all units except the manager be powered down and added back one at a time using the procedure in Adding a Unit to an Operating Stack.
  6. Using the web Interface, you can renumber a switch using the Stacking - Unit Configuration page. To renumber a switch:

  7. Select Stacking > Base > Unit Configuration.
  8. In the Switch ID field, select the switch you want to renumber.
  9. Click the Edit Switch ID (pencil) icon, select a new number in the drop-down list, and click Submit.