MRP Interface Configuration

Use the MRP Interface Configuration page to view and configure the per-interface Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP) settings. To change the current settings for one or more interfaces, select each interface to modify and click Edit. The same MRP settings are applied to all selected interfaces.

To access this page, click Switching > MRP > Interface in the navigation menu. In the following image, the MMRP mode on ports g4 and g5 is being enabled.

To configure one or more ports or LAGs, select the checkbox next to each port or LAG (Link Aggregation Group) to configure. You can select multiple ports to apply the same settings to the selected interfaces.

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MRP Port Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface Identifies the interface associated with the rest of the information in the row.
MVRP Mode The administrative mode of Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP) on the interface. MVRP registers VLANs in the network, enabling automatic VLAN configuration on the device.
MMRP Mode The administrative mode of Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP) on the interface. MMRP allows the propagation of MAC address information in the network and allows for the registration and deregistration of both individual MAC address information and group MAC address membership.
MSRP Mode The administrative mode of Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol (MSRP) on the interface. MSRP reserves necessary resources in the network to facilitate the end-to-end flow of time sensitive traffic.
MSRP SR Class PVID The default VLAN ID to be used for MSRP stream traffic.
Join Timer The amount of time to wait for JoinIn messages from other MRV participants after the interface sends a Join message. If the amount of time specified in this field passes before the interface receives a JoinIn message, the interface resends the Join message.
Leave Timer The amount of time to wait before the interface deregisters attributes from other MRV participants. If the interface receives Join messages from other participants before the Leave timer expires, the attributes are not deregistered.
Leave All Timer The amount of time to wait, after the interface starts the MRP registration process, before the participants refresh and re-register their attributes.