Trap Log

Use the Trap Log page to view the entries in the trap log.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > Trap Manager > Trap Log in the navigation menu.

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Trap Log Fields

Field Description
Trap Log Capacity The maximum number of traps stored in the log. If the number of traps exceeds the capacity, the entries will overwrite the oldest entries.
Number of Traps Since Last Reset The number of traps generated since the trap log entries were last cleared.
Number of Traps Since Log Last Viewed The number of traps that have occurred since the traps were last displayed. Displaying the traps by any method (terminal interface display, web display, upload file from switch, etc.) will cause this counter to be cleared to 0.
Log The sequence number of this trap.
System Up Time The time at which this trap occurred, expressed in days, hours, minutes and seconds since the last reboot of the switch.
Trap Displays the information identifying the trap.

Click Clear Log to clear all entries in the log. Subsequent displays of the log will only show new log entries.