DHCP Server Excluded Addresses

Use the DHCP Server Excluded Addresses page to view and configure the IP addresses the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server should not assign to clients

To display this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server > Excluded Addresses in the navigation menu.

Use the buttons to perform the following tasks:
  • To add one or more IP addresses to exclude, click Add and specify the IPv4 address or range of addresses in the available fields. Then click Submit.
  • To remove an excluded address or range of addresses, select each entry to remove and click Remove. You must confirm the action before the entries are removed.
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DHCP Server Excluded Addresses Fields

Field Description
From The IP address to exclude. In a range of addresses, this value is the lowest address to exclude.
To The highest address to exclude in a range of addresses. If the excluded address is not part of a range, this field shows the same value as the From field. When adding a single IP address to exclude, you can enter the same address specified in the From field or leave the field with the default value.

Click Refresh to refresh the page with the most current data.