Counter Sampling

Use the sFlow Poller Configuration page to efficiently, periodically export counters associated with Data Sources. A maximum Sampling Interval is assigned to each sFlow instance associated with a Data Source.

Counter Sampling is accomplished as follows:

The sFlow Agent keeps a list of counter sources being sampled. When a Packet Flow Sample is generated, the sFlow Agent examines the list and adds counters to the sample datagram, least recently sampled first. Counters are added to the datagram only when the sources are within five seconds of failing to meet the required Sampling Interval. Once a second, the sFlow Agent examines the list of counter sources and sends any counters that need to be sent to meet the sampling interval requirement.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > sFlow > Poller in the navigation menu.

Use the buttons to perform the following tasks:

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sFlow Poller Configuration Fields

Field Description
Poller DataSource The sFlow Sampler Datasource for this flow sampler. This Agent will support physical ports only.
Receiver Index The sFlowReceiver for this sFlow Counter Poller. If set to zero, the poller configuration is set to the default and the poller is deleted. Only active receivers can be set. If a receiver expires, then all pollers associated with the receiver will also expire. The allowed range is 1 to 8.
Poller Interval The maximum number of seconds between successive samples of the counters associated with this data source.

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