Pool Options

Use the Pool Options page to configure additional DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) pool options, including vendor-defined options. DHCP options are collections of data with type codes that indicate how the options should be used. When a client broadcasts a request for information, the request includes the option codes that correspond to the information the client wants the DHCP server to supply.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server > Pool Options in the navigation menu.

If no DHCP pools exist, the Pool Options page does not display the fields shown in Pool Options Fields.

If any DHCP pools are configured on the system, this page contains the following fields:

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Pool Options Fields

Field Description
Pool Name Select the DHCP pool to with the options you want to view or configure.
Option Code Displays the DHCP option code configured for the selected Pool.
Option Type Specifies the type of option associated with the option code configured for the selected pool. The possible values are as follows:
  • Ascii: The option type is a text string.
  • Hex: The option type is a hexadecimal number.
  • IP Address: The option type is an IP address.
ASCII Value Shows the Option ASCII Value for the selected pool.
Hex Value Shows the Option Hex Value for the selected pool.
IP Address Value Shows the Option IP Address Value for the selected pool.
Delete Option Code To delete an option code for the selected Pool, enter the option code in the folder and click Delete. This button is not visible to a user with read-only permission.