Retrieve Error Log

Use option 5 to retrieve the event log and download it to your ASCII terminal.

To retrieve the event log from the Utility menu:

  1. On the Utility menu, select 5 and press [Enter].

    The following prompt displays:

    Select Mode of Transfer (Press T/X/Y/Z for TFTP/XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM)
  2. Select the transfer mode (press T/X/Y/Z for TFTP/XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM).

    The following prompt displays:

    File asciilog.bin Ready to SEND in binary mode
    Estimated File Size 169K, 1345 Sectors, 172032 Bytes
    Estimated transmission time 3 minutes 20 seconds
    Send several Control-X characters to cancel before transfer starts.
  3. The bootup process resumes.