IGMP Snooping Table

The Multicast Forwarding Database IGMP Snooping Table page displays the entries in the multicast forwarding database (MFDB) that were added because they were discovered by the IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) snooping feature. IGMP snooping allows the device to dynamically add or remove ports from IPv4 multicast groups by listening to IGMP join and leave requests.

To access this page, click Switching > Multicast Forwarding Database > IGMP Snooping in the navigation menu.

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IGMP Snooping Fields

Field Description
VLAN ID The VLAN ID associated with the entry in the MFDB.
MAC Address The multicast MAC address associated with the entry in the MFDB.
Type The type of entry, which is one of the following:
  • Static: The entry has been manually added to the MFDB by an administrator.
  • Dynamic: The entry has been added to the MFDB as a result of a learning process or protocol. Entries that appear on this page have been learned by examining IGMP messages.
Description A text description of this multicast table entry.
Interface(s) The list of interfaces that will forward or filter traffic sent to the multicast MAC address.