Route Table Summary

The route table manager collects routes from multiple sources: static routes, RIP (Routing Information Protocol) routes, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routes, or local routes. The route table manager may learn multiple routes to the same destination from multiple sources. The Route Table Summary page lists all routes. The best routes table displays only the most preferred route to each destination.

To access this page, click Routing > Router > Route Table in the navigation menu.

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Route Table Fields

Field Description
Network Address The IP route prefix for the destination.
Subnet Mask Also referred to as the subnet/network mask, this indicates the portion of the IP interface address that identifies the attached network.
Protocol This field tells which protocol created the specified route. The possibilities are one of the following:
  • Local
  • Static
  • Default
  • RIP
Next Hop IP Address The outgoing router IP address to use when forwarding traffic to the next router (if any) in the path towards the destination. The next router is always one of the adjacent neighbors or the IP address of the local interface for a directly-attached network.
Next Hop Interface The outgoing interface to use when forwarding traffic to the destination. For a static reject route, the next hop is Null.
Best Route Whether the route is the preferred route to the network. If the field is blank, a better route to the same network exists in the routing table.

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