PoE Port Statistics

Use the PoE Port Statistics page to view PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface statistical information.

To access this page, click System > PoE > Statistics in the navigation menu.

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PoE Port StatisticsFields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data on the page.
Overload Counter Number of times there has been a power overload. Power overload occurs when a powered device connected to a port tries to draw more power than permissible by the hardware.
Short Counter Number of times there has been a short circuit condition.
Power Denied Counter Number of times the powered device has been denied power. Power is denied due to administrative action or shortage of power.
MPS Absent Counter Number of times power has stopped because the powered device was not detected.
Invalid Signature Counter Number of times an invalid signature was received. Signature detection is a stage in detecting the presence of a powered device, where a resistance value on the powered device is expected to be found within a particular range.

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