DHCP Snooping Statistics

Use the IPv6 DHCP Snooping Statistics page to view and clear per-interface statistics about the DHCPv6 messages filtered by the IPv6 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) snooping feature. Only interfaces that are enabled for IPv6 DHCP snooping and are untrusted appear in the table.

To access this page, click Switching > DCHP Snooping > Base > Statistics in the navigation menu.

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IPv6 DHCP Snooping Statistics Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row.
MAC Verify Failures The number of DHCPv6 messages that were dropped because the source MAC address and client hardware address did not match. MAC address verification is performed only if it is globally enabled.
Client Ifc Mismatch The number of packets that were dropped by IPv6 DHCP snooping because the interface and VLAN on which the packet was received does not match the client's interface and VLAN information stored in the binding database.
DHCP Server Msgs Received The number of DHCPv6 server messages (ADVERTISE, REPLY, RECONFIGURE, RELAY-REPL) that have been dropped on an untrusted port.
Clear Counters (Button) To reset the statistics to zero for one or more interfaces, select each interface with the data to reset and click Clear Counters. You must confirm the action before the entry is deleted.

Click Refresh to refresh the page with the most current data from the switch.