Using the Command-Line Interface

The CLI is a text-based way to manage and monitor the system. You can access the CLI by using a direct serial connection or by using a remote logical connection with Telnet or SSH.

The CLI groups commands into modes according to the command function. Each of the command modes supports specific software commands. The commands in one mode are not available until you switch to that particular mode, with the exception of the User EXEC mode commands. You can execute the User EXEC mode commands in the Privileged EXEC mode.

To display the commands available in the current mode, enter a question mark (?) at the command prompt. To display the available command keywords or parameters, enter a question mark (?) after each word you type at the command prompt. If there are no additional command keywords or parameters, or if additional parameters are optional, the following message appears in the output:

<cr>                     Press Enter to execute the command

For more information about the CLI, see ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Command Reference Guide. That guide lists each available command with the following information:

  • The command keywords and the required and optional parameters.
  • The command mode you must be in to access the command.
  • The default value, if any, of a configurable setting on the device.

The show commands in the guide also include a description of the information displayed by the command.