VLAN Status

Use the VLAN Status page to view information about the VLANs configured on your system.

To access this page, click Switching > VLAN > Status in the navigation menu.

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VLAN Status Fields

Field Description
VLAN ID The VLAN Identifier (VID) of the VLAN. The range of the VLAN ID is 1 to 3965.
VLAN Name The name of the VLAN. VLAN ID 1 is always named Default.
VLAN Type The VLAN type, which can be one of the following:
  • Default: (VLAN ID = 1) -- always present
  • Static: A VLAN you have configured
  • Dynamic: A VLAN created by GVRP registration that you have not converted to static, and that GVRP may therefore remove
RSPAN List the status of RSPAN, enabled or disabled.

To add a VLAN, click Add and specify a VLAN ID (between 2 and 4093) in the available field.

To configure a name for a VLAN or to convert a dynamic VLAN to a static VLAN, select the entry to modify and click Edit. Then, configure the desired VLAN settings.

To remove one or more configured VLANs, select each entry to delete and click Remove. You must confirm the action before the entry is deleted.

Click Refreshto display the latest information from the router.