Port Summary

The Port Summary page shows statistical information about the packets received and transmitted by each port and LAG (Link Aggregation Group).

To access this page, click System > Statistics > System > Port Summary in the navigation menu.

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Port Summary Fields

Field Description
Interface Identifies the port or LAG.
Rx Good The total number of inbound packets received by the interface without errors.
Rx Errors The number of inbound packets that contained errors preventing them from being deliverable to a higher-layer protocol.
Rx Bcast The total number of good packets received that were directed to the broadcast address. Note that this number does not include multicast packets.
Tx Good The total number of outbound packets transmitted by the interface to its Ethernet segment without errors.
Tx Errors The number of outbound packets that could not be transmitted because of errors.
Tx Collisions The best estimate of the total number of collisions on this Ethernet segment.