Start the 200 Series Application

Use option 1 to resume loading the 200 Series application code.

To relaunch the boot process from the Utility menu, select 1 and press [Enter].

The following prompt displays:

Extracting FASTPATH from image2.....done
Loading FASTPATH ...../mnt/application
Linking to /lib/
Linking to /lib/
Linking to /lib/
Linking to /lib/
Changing lighttpd file ownership to lighttpd:lighttpd
Expanding websrc.tar.gz into /mnt/www...done
PCI unit 0: Dev 0xb624, Rev 0x11, Chip BCM56624_B0, Driver BCM56624_B0
SOC unit 0 attached to PCI device BCM56624_B0
Adding BCM transport pointers
Configuring CPUTRANS TX
Configuring CPUTRANS RX