History Log Summary

Use the Port Access Control History Log Summary page to grant or deny port access to users configured on the system. To change the access control privileges for one or more ports, select each interface to configure and click Edit. The same settings are applied to all selected interfaces.

To access this page, click Security > Port Access Control > History Log Summary in the navigation menu.

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Port Access Control History Log Summary Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. Only interfaces that have entries in the log history are listed.
Time Stamp The absolute time when the authentication event took place.
VLAN Assigned The ID of the VLAN the supplicant was placed in as a result of the authentication process.
VLAN Assigned Reason The reason why the authenticator placed the supplicant in the VLAN. Possible values are:
  • Unauth
  • Default
  • Not Assigned
Supp MAC Address The MAC address of the supplicant that is connected to the port.
Filter Name The policy filter ID assigned by the authenticator to the supplicant device.
Auth Status The authentication status of the client or port.
Reason The reason for the successful or unsuccessful authentication.

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