Telnet Session

Telnet is a terminal emulation TCP/IP protocol. ASCII terminals can be virtually connected to the local device through a TCP/IP protocol network. Telnet is an alternative to a local login terminal where a remote login is required.

The switch supports up to five simultaneous Telnet sessions. All CLI commands can be used over a Telnet session.

The Telnet Session Configuration page allows you to control inbound Telnet settings on the switch. Inbound Telnet sessions originate on a remote system and allow a user on that system to connect to the switch CLI.

To display this page, click System > Management Access > Telnet in the navigation menu.

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Telnet Session Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode Enables or disables the Telnet administrative mode. When enabled, the device may be accessed through the Telnet port (23). Disabling this mode value disconnects all existing Telnet connections and shuts down the Telnet port in the device.
Telnet Port The TCP port number on which the Telnet server listens for requests. Existing Telnet login sessions are not affected by a change in this value, although establishment of any new Telnet sessions must use the new port number.

Before changing this value, verify that the desired port number is not currently being used by any other service.

Session Timeout (Minutes) Specify how many minutes of inactivity should occur on a Telnet session before the session is logged off. You may enter any number from 1 to 160. The factory default is 5.

When you change the timeout value, the new value is applied to all active and inactive sessions immediately. Any sessions that have been idle longer than the new timeout value are disconnected immediately.

Maximum Number of Sessions From the drop-down menu, select how many simultaneous Telnet sessions to allow. The maximum is 4, which is also the factory default. A value of 0 indicates that no outbound Telnet session can be established.
Allow New Sessions Controls whether to allow new Telnet sessions:
  • Yes: Permits new Telnet sessions until the maximum number allowed is reached.
  • No: New Telnet sessions will not be allowed, but existing sessions are not disconnected.

If you change any of the parameters, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. If you want the switch to retain the new values across a power cycle, you must save the configuration.