Global Configuration

Use the Global Configuration page to configure global parameters for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

To display this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server > Global in the navigation menu.

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DHCP Server Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode Enables or disables the DHCP server administrative mode. When enabled, the device can be configured to automatically allocate TCP/IP configurations for clients.
Conflict Logging Mode Enables or disables the logging mode for IP address conflicts. When enabled, the system stores information IP address conflicts that are detected by the DHCP server.
Bootp Automatic Mode Enables or disables the BOOTP automatic mode. When enabled, the DHCP server supports the allocation of automatic addresses for BOOTP clients. When disabled the DHCP server supports only static addresses for BOOTP clients.
Ping Packet Count The number of packets the server sends to a pool address to check for duplication as part of a ping operation. If the server receives a response to the ping, the address is considered to be in conflict and is removed from the pool.

If you change any of the parameters, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. If you want the switch to retain the new values across a power cycle, you must save the configuration.

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