IP DSCP Mapping Configuration

Use the IP DSCP Mapping Configuration page to map an IP DSCP value to an internal traffic class.

To access this page, click QoS > Class of Service > IP DSCP in the navigation menu.

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IP DSCP Mapping Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface The menu contains all CoS (Class of Service) configurable interfaces. The only option is Global, which means that the IP DSCP mapping configuration applies to all interfaces and cannot be applied on a per-interface basis.
IP DSCP Values Lists the IP DSCP values to which you can map an internal traffic class. The values range from 0 to 63.
Traffic Class The traffic class is the hardware queue for a port. Higher traffic class values indicate a higher queue position. Before traffic in a lower queue is sent, it must wait for traffic in higher queues to be sent. Valid range is 0 to 6.

If you make changes to the page, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. Click Restore Defaults to reset all interfaces to the default trust value.