DHCP L2 Relay Global Configuration

Use the DHCP L2 Relay Global Configuration page to control the administrative mode of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Layer 2 Relay on the device. In Layer 2 switched networks, there may be one or more infrastructure devices (for example, a switch) between the client and the Layer 3 Relay agent/DHCP server. In this instance, some of the client device information required by the Layer 3 Relay agent may not be visible to it. When this happens, a Layer 2 Relay agent can be used to add the information that the Layer 3 Relay agent and DHCP server need to perform their roles in IP address configuration and assignment.

To access this page, click Switching > DCHP Snooping > L2 Relay > Global in the navigation menu.

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DHCP L2 Relay Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode The global mode of DHCP Layer 2 relay on the device. When enabled, the device can act as a DHCP Layer 2 relay agent. This functionality must also be enabled on each port you want this service to operate on.

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