Client Summary

The Port Access Control Client Summary displays information about supplicant devices that are connected to the local authenticator ports. If there are no active 802.1X sessions, the table is empty. To view additional information about a supplicant, select the interface it is connected to and click Details.

To access this page, click Security > Port Access Control > Client Summary in the navigation menu.

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Port Access Control Client Summary Fields

Field Description
Interface The local interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. When viewing detailed information for an interface, this field identifies the interface being viewed.
Logical Interface The logical port number associated with the supplicant that is connected to the port.
User Name The name the client uses to identify itself as a supplicant to the authentication server.
Supp MAC Address The MAC address of the supplicant that is connected to the port.
Session Time The amount of time that has passed since the connected supplicant was granted access to the network through the authenticator port.
Filter ID The policy filter ID assigned by the authenticator to the supplicant device.
VLAN ID The ID of the VLAN the supplicant was placed in as a result of the authentication process.
After you click Details, a window opens and displays additional information about the client. The following information describes the additional fields that appear in the window.
Session Timeout The reauthentication timeout period set by the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) server to the supplicant device.
Session Termination Action The termination action set by the RADIUS server that indicates the action that will take place once the supplicant reaches the session timeout value.

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