Configuring ExtremeXOS on the Switch

About this task

To make a switch ready for use, ExtremeXOS must be downloaded and configured. To do this, log in to the management console, connect to the switch, and follow these steps.



The management console can run on a terminal or a PC with terminal-emulation software. In these steps, the term PC is used to refer to both.


  1. Go to the Product Registration page and provide the requested information.
  2. Enter the serial number of the switch.
    You can obtain the serial number by entering show version on the management console, as described in step 5.
  3. From the Software Download page, download the ExtremeXOS image file to the PC.
  4. When the download is complete, connect back to the switch through the management console.
    Then connect an Ethernet cable from the switch‘s management port to a serial port on your PC. (Alternatively, you can connect to the PC using a serial-USB adapter.)


    To avoid an IP address conflict, you might need to change the IP address for the PC, for example to
  5. Start a TFTP session using a program such as TFTPD64.
    Set the TFTP Server‘s IP address option to match the one configured in step 4.
  6. At the switch, download the new software to the switch, for example:
    download image summitX-
  7. When you are asked whether you want to install the downloaded software, enter y.
  8. When the download and installation have completed, use the reboot command to begin using the version just installed.


The switch is ready for use.