Summit 300 W AC and DC Power Supplies

The following 300 W power supplies are available:

These power supplies are compatible with the following switch models:
  • X460-G2 switches (non-PoE models)
  • X620-16t and X620-16x switches

The Summit 300 W power supplies (AC and DC) have the status LEDs listed in the following table.

Table 1. Summit 300 W Power Supply LED Status Indications
LED Label and Color Meaning




Green/red bicolor

Off Off No input power
Off Steady red No input power; receiving standby output from system.
On Off Input good; 12 V output is disabled. Standby output is ON.
On Steady red Input good; fault in 12 V output.
On Flashing green and red Input good, 12 V output good. Power supply alert: power supply is likely to fail because of a developing fault, such as abnormal thermal conditions or poor fan performance.
On Steady green Input good; DC outputs good.