ExtremeSwitching Switches

The ExtremeSwitching switches are compact enclosures 1.75 inches high (1 U). Each switch model provides high-density copper or fiber optic ports operating at speeds up to 100 Gbps. On some models, these ports can be partitioned into data lanes through the use of split cables, effectively increasing the port count. Many models also provide combination copper/fiber uplink ports. PoE connections and options for adding faster uplink connections are available on some models.

Models are available for AC or DC power connection, and many models provide bays for pluggable power supplies. All switches make provision for redundant power supplies.

Many ExtremeSwitching switches include high-speed stacking interfaces that allow you to connect up to eight switches into a stack, which can be managed as a single entity.

For information about earlier Summit-branded switches, refer to ExtremeSwitching and Summit Switches: Hardware Installation Guide for Switches Using ExtremeXOS 16 or Earlier.

The following sections contain general information about the switches: