Installing an EPS-C2 Power Supply

Install one, two, or three Summit 750 W AC power supplies (model 10931) in the EPS-C2 chassis (model 10936) to build an external redundant power system for one or more compatible switches

One redundant power cable is shipped with the EPS-C2 chassis to provide the connection between the external power system and the redundant power input connector on the back of a switch. Additional redundant power cables are available from Extreme Networks.

When installing an EPS-C2 chassis at the same time as a switch, install the components in the following order:

  1. Install the switch into a rack.
  2. Install the EPS-C2 chassis into a rack.
  3. Install power supplies into the EPS-C2 chassis.
  4. Attach the redundant power cable from the EPS-C2 chassis to the switch.
  5. Attach an AC power cord to the switch's internal power supply.
    Then plug it into an AC power source.
  6. Connect AC power cords to the internal power supplies of the EPS-C2 chassis.
    Then plug each cord into an AC power source.


    Be sure to attach power to components in the order listed in this section. If you attach power out of the order listed, you can damage your equipment.

The following sections describe the specific steps for installing the EPS-C2 chassis.



An AC power cord is not provided with the Summit 750 W AC power supply. See Selecting Power Supply Cords for information about selecting a power cord.