X450-G2 Stacking

The stacking-support option is enabled by default for X450-G2 switches. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling the Stacking-Support Option.

The stacking port selection option, which allows you to choose between native and alternate ports, is enabled by default for X450-G2 switches. For more information, see Selecting Native and Alternate Stacking Ports.

Table 1. Stacking Methods for X450-G2 Switches
Stacking Method Speed per Link (HDX) Cable Type and Lengths

Uses rear panel dedicated 21 Gb stacking ports

Available only in stacks of X450-G2 switches running the same version of ExtremeXOS

21 Gbps 0.5m, 1.0m, 3.0m. 5.0m

QSFP+ passive copper cable


(Front panel 10G models)

10 Gbps 0.5m–40km


Native Stacking for X450-G2 Switches

For native stacking with the X450-G2 switch, use the two fixed 21 Gb QSFP+ stacking ports on the rear of the switch, as shown in X450-G2 Switch: Native Stacking Ports. These stacking ports provide SummitStack-V84 stacking and can be stacked natively only with other X450-G2 switches.

SummitStack-V84 connections require direct-connect QSFP+ copper cables.

The X450-G2 is the only Extreme Networks switch that supports SummitStack-V84.

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X450-G2 Switch: Native Stacking Ports
1 = 21 Gb QSFP+ stacking ports2 = Grounding lug

Alternate Stacking for X450-G2 Switches

Alternate stacking (SummitStack-V) is supported for the X450-G2 10GE4 switch models, as summarized in Alternate Stacking Ports for X450-G2 Switches. Use the front-panel 10G ports for alternate stacking.

Table 2. Alternate Stacking Ports for X450-G2 Switches
Switch ModelType or location of Native Stacking PortsAlternate Stacking PortsLocation of Alternate Stacking Ports


Fixed (rear panel) 27,28 Front panel


Fixed (rear panel) 51,52 Front panel

Additional Stacking Considerations for X450-G2 switches

Before deploying a new stack with X450-G2 switches, consider the following guidelines:
  • Only the SummitStack-V and SummitStack-V84 stacking protocols are supported for the X450-G2 switch. SummitStack-V80 is not supported.
  • In a stack that contains X450-G2 switches and other switch models, the X450-G2 switch might provide more memory and more features than the other switch models. Take this into account when you decide which switches will serve as the master and backup nodes, and when you configure failover operation.
  • To use the failover feature in the stack, a second X450-G2 switch is recommended. It must be the backup node.
  • If any supported feature pack is installed on the master-capable X450-G2 nodes, the following guidelines apply:
    • Every switch in the stack must meet the software and hardware requirements listed in the Feature License Requirements document.
    • Only the enhanced stacking protocol is supported for the X450-G2 switch. Every node that shares a stack with an X450-G2 switch must have enhanced stacking configured.
    • We recommend against mixing X450-G2, X460-G2, and X670-G2 switches in a stack.
    • X450-G2 switches support multiple types of QSFP+ stacking cables for connection between rear stacking ports (21 Gb ports) and QSFP+ ports on other Extreme Networks switches. For information on which cables to use with each type of Summit family switch, see Selecting Stacking Cables.