RPS-150XT Redundant Power Supply



Extreme Redundant Power Supplies (RPS) do not support the ability for the RPS to be connected to an operational switch. Connecting an RPS to an operational switch can have an adverse effect on the switch. It is best practice that both the switch and the RPS be powered down prior to cabling them together. Once the cabling is completed, turn on the RPS, then turn on the switch.

The RPS-150XT provides backup power to Extreme Networks stackable switches. If for some reason the switch loses power from its internal power supply, the RPS-150XT can provide up to 150 W maximum operating power to support switch operation.

The power supply ships with the following:
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RPS-150XT Front Panel
1 = Captive screws 4 = Fan
2 = Status LEDs 5 = AC power input connector
3 = Handle
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RPS-150XT Rear Panel
1 = 14-pin Redundant Power Supply connector

See RPS-150XT Redundant Power Supply Technical Specifications for pin locations and function.

Table 1. RPS-150XT LED Status Definitions
LED LED Color Status
AC OK Green AC input within operational range
Off No AC voltage or AC voltage is outside the operational range

For technical specifications, see RPS-150XT Redundant Power Supply Technical Specifications.