Installing a V300 Virtual Port Extender

The following installation instructions are applicable to the V300-8P-2T-W (PoE) model. The V300-8P-2X, V300-8T-2X, V300HT-8P-2X, and V300HT-8T-2X models will be referred to as non-PoE models from this point on.

You need the following tools and materials to install a V300 Virtual Port Extender:

  • ESD-preventive wrist strap
  • M3.5 or M4 #2 Phillips screwdriver (magnetic screwdriver recommended)

The V300 Virtual Port Extender comes with two mounting brackets and screws for attaching them. Mount the equipment in a standard equipment rack, in either a front-mount or mid-mount configuration, in the same way you would mount a switch.

To install a V300 Virtual Port Extender, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the mounting brackets to the sides of the port extender using four screws (included) for each bracket.
  2. Align the holes in the brackets with the rack post holes.
  3. Secure the port extender to each post with rack-mounting screws (not provided).
  4. Connect an AC power cord to the AC power input socket on the port extender and to an AC power outlet.
  5. When power is connected, verify that the SYS LED on the port extender turns green.
    If the SYS LED does not turn green, verify that the power source is on and the connection was made properly.
  6. Optionally, connect the port extender to a redundant power source, depending on the model.

The following mounting kits are available for non-PoE V300 models:

Table 1. V300 Mounting Kits
Kit part number Description
XN-2P-RMTKIT-1CS-001 Single rack mount kit
XN-2P-RMTKIT-2CS-001 Dual rack mount kit
XN-DIN-MT-001 DIN Rail mount kit
XN-MTKIT-CS-001 Replacement surface mount kit
XN-PS-MT-001 PSU mount kit

For additional installation options, including non-PoE V300 Mounting Kit installation, see the following topics: