Install a 750 W DC Power Supply

Before you begin

Before installing a 750 W DC power supply (part no. XN-DCPWR-750W-F or XN-DCPWR-750W-R):

  • Verify that the switch chassis has been grounded (see Grounding the Switch Chassis).
  • Verify that the airflow direction for the power supply is the same as the airflow direction of the installed fan modules in the switch.

About this task

To install the power supply, follow these steps:



The handle on the power supply is not designed to be used to lift or carry the power supply or the switch to which it is attached.


  1. Attach an ESD-preventive wrist strap to your bare wrist and connect the metal end to an appropriate ground point on the rack.
  2. If necessary, remove a blank panel from the rear of the switch.
  3. Verify that the power supply is right side up.
  4. Carefully slide the power supply all the way into the power supply bay.
  5. Push the power supply in until the latch snaps into place.


    Do not slam the power supply into the switch.
  6. To install a second power supply, repeat the procedure.

What to do next

When you are finished, connect the ground wire to each power supply. See Connecting the Ground Wire to a 750 W DC Power Supply.