ExtremeSwitching X695 Switch

The ExtremeSwitching X695 switch offers versatile and efficient aggregation switching functionality for campus environments. The X695 switch runs the EXOS operating platform.

The X695 switch comes in the X695-48Y-8C base model (switch with unpopulated fan and power supply slots).

The front panel of the X695 switch includes:

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X695 Switch: Front Panel

1 = SFP28 Ethernet ports

3 = USB port

5 = Management port: RJ45

2 = QSFP28 Ethernet ports

4 = Console port: RJ45

6 = Management Set sliding button*

*The Management Set sliding button can be slid to the right in order to free the Management Set for removal.

The rear panel of the X695 switch includes:

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X695 Switch - Rear Panel

1 = Grounding point

3 = Fan modules

2 = Power supply slots (unpopulated)

Use the serial console port on the front panel to connect a terminal and perform local management. You can use an Ethernet management port to connect the system to a parallel management network for administration. Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect this port directly to a laptop to view and locally manage the switch configuration. The Ethernet management port supports 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds.

The USB port can be used for attaching a removable memory module.

Switch cooling is provided by field-replaceable fan modules. Fan modules are available in two different models that direct the airflow either from front to back or from back to front. All installed fan modules must be of the same model, so that they all direct the airflow in the same direction.

Two power supply bays accommodate 750 W AC or DC power supplies. Power supplies have integrated cooling fans that operate independently of the switch fans. Like the fan modules, the power supplies are available in models with either front-to-back or back-to-front cooling airflow.

Both front-to-back and back-to-front airflow options are available. However, on any given X695 switch, air must flow in the same direction for all installed fan modules and power supplies.

Partitioning or Channelizing Switch Ports into Data Lanes

Six of the eight 100GbE front-panel ports operate in either 100-gigabit or 40-gigabit mode. Two of the ports can each be partitioned into data lanes through the use of breakout cables. This means that a given physical port can correspond to either two or four logical ports.

Logical port numbers are assigned depending on whether the physical ports are partitioned into data lanes. If there is no partitioning or channelizing, the logical port numbers correspond to the physical port numbers shown on the front of the switch. With partitioning or channelizing, logical port numbers are assigned for each of the physical ports – as shown, for example, in the following table:

Table 1. Port Number Assignments for Physical Ports 51 and 56, when Partitioned

Physical port number (on switch)

Logical port number range when partitioned by...

4 x 10 Gb

4 x 25 Gb

1 x 40

2 x 50

51, 56






Each X695 unit comes equipped with two 40GbE or 100GbE stacking ports using a QSFP28 interface, located on the front panel of the switch. Use standard 100 Gb Ethernet Optics and passive and active cables in the QSFP28 ports for stacking X695s together using SummitStack-V400.

Stacking cables for X695 switches are ordered separately. For a list of X695 ports that can be used with SummitStack-V160 and SummitStack-V400, see ExtremeSwitching X695 Stacking.

For information about QSFP and QSFP+ optical modules, see Extreme Networks Pluggable Transceivers Installation Guide.

Operating Temperatures

All X695 switch models support an operating range from 0°C to 50°C for front-to-back cooling, 0°C to 45°C for back-to-front cooling.



See the ExtremeXOS 30.7 User Guide and the ExtremeXOS 30.7 Command Reference Guide for feature-specific information about the switches and for information regarding switch configuration.