Connecting Your Stack to the Management Network

Before you can configure ExtremeXOS for a new stack, your management console must be connected to at least one switch in the stack.

Connect your management console to the Ethernet management port on the switch that will become the stack primary node. If you plan to configure redundancy, connect to the console ports of all switches in the stack that will be primary-capable.

If you followed the cabling examples in Connecting the Switches to Form the Stack Ring, and if you use the Easy Setup configuration procedure, only slots 1 and 2 can become the primary node. However, you can connect all switch management ports in the stack if you choose to do so. There is an alternate IP address configuration that will enable you to log in directly to each switch in the stack through its Ethernet management port.

See the ExtremeXOS 30.7 User Guide for instructions to perform the software configuration for your stack.