V300-8T-2X Model

The Virtual Port Extender V300-8T-2X model offers the following features:

The V300-8T-2X model requires that ExtremeXOS (EXOS) version 30.6 (or later) be installed on the switch to which it is attached. For more information about configuring EXOS for use with this equipment, see the ExtremeXOS 30.7 User Guide .

The V300-8T-2X model is shipped with one 40W AC PS FRU (Model XN-ACPWR-40W).

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V300-8T-2X Front Panel
1 = DC input 2 = 10/100/1000BASE-T ports
3 = 10Gb SFP+ ports 4 = USB port
5 = Console/Management port
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V300 Virtual Port Extender Rear Panel