Installing a Versatile Interface Module in an X465 Series Switch

This section describes how to install a versatile interface module (VIM5) in the front slot of an X465 switch.

You need the following tools and materials to install a VIM5:

  • ESD-preventive wrist strap

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver



Extreme Networks VIM5s are not hot-swappable. Disconnect power to the switch before removing an installed VIM5 or installing a new VIM5.

To install a versatile interface module, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the ESD wrist strap to your wrist and connect the metal end to an appropriate ground point on the rack.
  2. Ensure that the switch is completely powered down.
  3. Remove the cover plate from the VIM5 slot (#2 Phillips screwdriver required).
    1. Remove the retaining screws at the top corners of the slot cover plate, and set the screws aside in a safe place.
    2. Save the retaining screws to secure the new module in the switch.
    3. Pull the cover plate away from the module slot.
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      Removing a slot Cover Plate (VIM slot cover shown)
  4. Remove the new VIM5 from its anti-static packaging.
  5. Install the VIM5 in the switch:
    1. Carefully slide the VIM5 module into the switch.
    2. Insert and tighten the retaining screws you removed in step 3.a, using the screws provided.
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      Tighten Screws on the Inserted VIM5 Module

      1 = VIM5 module retaining screw locations