Connecting the Ground Wire to an 1100 W DC Power Supply

About this task

To connect the ground wire to the 1100 W DC power supply, follow these steps:



Be sure to connect the ground wire before you connect any power cables to the power supply.


  1. Verify that the DC circuit is de-energized.
  2. Identify the grounding post on the right side of the power supply, above the latching tab.
  3. Connect the ground wire to the grounding post as follows:
    1. Remove the nut from the grounding post.
    2. Slide the ring terminal of the ground wire onto the grounding post (callout 1 in Securing the Ground Wire).
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      Securing the Ground Wire
    3. Screw the nut onto the grounding post (callout 2).
    4. Tighten the nut to 7 in‑lb (0.79 N m).
  4. Connect the other end of the wire to a known reliable earth ground point at your site.

What to do next

Connect the power supply to the power source, following the instructions in Connecting an 1100 W DC Power Supply to the Source Voltage.