Displays specified system component settings. There are a number of ways to invoke the show command.
  • When invoked without any arguments, it displays information about the current context. If the current context contains instances, the show command (usually) displays a list of these instances.
  • When invoked with the display parameter, it displays information about that component.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000




show <PARAMETERS> The show command displays configuration details based on the configuration mode, in which the command is executed, and the parameters passed. For example, when executed in the AAA policy configuration mode, it displays the logged AAA policy‘s current settings. The example below shows the configuration details that can be viewed in the Priv Executable mode.


nx9500-6C8809#show ?
  adoption                    Adoption related information
  bluetooth                   Bluetooth Configuration/Statistics commands
  bonjour                     Bonjour Gateway related commands
  boot                        Display boot configuration.
  captive-portal              Captive portal commands
  captive-portal-page-upload  Captive portal internal and advanced page upload
  cdp                         Cisco Discovery Protocol
  classify-url                Query the category of an URL
  clock                       Display system clock
  cluster                     Cluster Protocol
  cmp-factory-certs           Display the CMP certificate status
  commands                    Show command lists
  context                     Information about current context
  critical-resources          Critical Resources
  crypto                      Encryption related commands
  database                    Database
  debug                       Debugging functions
  debugging                   Debugging functions
  device-upgrade              Device Upgrade
  dot1x                       802.1X
  dpi                         Deep Packet Inspection
  eguest                      Registration EGuest process
  environmental-sensor        Display Environmental Sensor Module status
  event-history               Display event history
  event-system-policy         Display event system policy
  ex3500                      EX3500 device details
  extdev                      External device (T5, Ex3500..)
  file                        Display filesystem information
  file-sync                   File sync between controller and adoptees
  firewall                    Wireless Firewall
  global                      Global-level information
  gre                         Show l2gre tunnel info
  guest-notification-config   Show guest-notification information
  guest-registration          Guest registration commands
  interface                   Interface Configuration/Statistics commands
  ip                          Internet Protocol (IP)
  ip-access-list              IP ACL
  ipv6                        Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  ipv6-access-list            IPV6 ACL
  l2tpv3                      L2TPv3 information
  lacp                        LACP commands
  ldap-agent                  LDAP Agent Configuration
  licenses                    Show installed licenses and usage
  lldp                        Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  logging                     Show logging information
  mac-access-list             MAC ACL
  mac-address-table           Display MAC address table
  mac-auth                    MAC authentication
  mac-auth-clients            MAC authenticated clients
  mint                        MiNT protocol
  mirroring                   Show mirroring sessions
  nsight                      Nsight Server Module
  ntp                         Network time protocol
  password-encryption         Pasword encryption
  pppoe-client                PPP Over Ethernet client
  privilege                   Show current privilege level
  radius                      RADIUS statistics commands
  raid                        Show RAID status
  reload                      Scheduled reload information
  remote-debug                Show details of remote debug sessions
  rf-domain-manager           Show RF Domain Manager selection details
  role                        Role based firewall
  route-maps                  Display Route Map Statistics
  rtls                        RTLS Statistics
  running-config              Current operating configuration
  session-changes             Configuration changes made in this session
  session-config              This session configuration
  sessions                    Display sessions
  site-config-diff            Difference between site configuration on the NOC
                              and actual site configuration
  slot                        Expansion slots stats
  smart-rf                    Smart-RF Management Commands
  spanning-tree               Display spanning tree information
  startup-config              Startup configuration
  t5                          Display T5 inventory information
  terminal                    Display terminal configuration parameters
  timezone                    The timezone
  traffic-shape               Display traffic shaping
  upgrade-status              Display last image upgrade status
  version                     Display software & hardware version
  virtual-machine             Virtual Machine
  vrrp                        VRRP protocol
  web-filter                  Web filter
  what                        Perform global search
  wireless                    Wireless commands
  wwan                        Display wireless WAN Status



For more information on the show command, see Show Commands.