Creates a DHCPv6 server policy and enters its configuration mode

DHCPv6 is a networking protocol for configuring IPv6 hosts with IP addresses, IP prefixes, or other configuration attributes required on an IPv6 network.

DHCPv6 servers pass IPv6 network addresses to IPv6 clients. The DHCPv6 address assignment feature manages non-duplicate addresses in the correct prefix based on the network where the host is connected. Assigned addresses can be from one or multiple pools. Additional options, such as the default domain and DNS name-server address, can be passed back to the client. Address pools can be assigned for use on a specific interface or on multiple interfaces, or the server can automatically find the appropriate pool.

When configured and applied to a device, the DHCPv6 server policy enables the device to function as a stateless DHCPv6 server.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


dhcpv6-server-policy <DHCPv6-SERVER-POLICY-NAME>


dhcpv6-server-policy <DHCPv6-SERVER-POLICY-NAME>
<DHCPv6-SERVER-POLICY-NAME> Specify the DHCPv6 server policy name. If the policy does not exist, it is created.


nx9500-6C8809(config)#dhcpv6-server-policy test
DHCPv6 server policy Mode commands:
  dhcpv6-pool              Configure DHCPV6 server address pool
  no                       Negate a command or set its defaults
  option                   Define DHCPv6 server option
  restrict-vendor-options  Restrict vendor specific options to be sent in
                           server reply
  server-preference        Server preference value sent in the reply, by the
                           server to client

  clrscr                   Clears the display screen
  commit                   Commit all changes made in this session
  do                       Run commands from Exec mode
  end                      End current mode and change to EXEC mode
  exit                     End current mode and down to previous mode
  help                     Description of the interactive help system
  revert                   Revert changes
  service                  Service Commands
  show                     Show running system information
  write                    Write running configuration to memory or terminal


Related Commands

no Removes an existing DHCPv6 server policy


For more information on DHCPv6 policy, see DHCP-Server Policy.