Configures a Virtual WLAN Controller (V-WLC) in a virtual machine (VM) environment. V-WLC can be deployed on a shared, third-party server hardware, thereby reducing overhead costs of procuring and maintaining dedicated appliances. The external, third-party hardware needs to have installed hypervisors, such as VmWare, Xen, VirtualBox, KVM, Amazon EC2 or Hyper-V, enabling it to communicate with V-WLC software.

The V-WLC controls and manages access points and other controllers (at NOC or as a site-controller) in the network. The traffic between the access points and the V-WLC is over the layer-3 MINT protocol.

V-WLC is a licensed feature, and the WiNG software provides the following two new licenses:
  • VX – When installed, this license activates VM controller instance, and enables the V-WLC to trigger adoption process allowing access points to adopt to the V-WLC. The adoption capacity of the V-WLC is determined by the number of licenses installed on it.
  • VX – When installed, this license activates VM controller instance, and enables the V-WLC to trigger adoption process allowing access points to adopt to the V-WLC. The adoption capacity of the V-WLC is determined by the number of licenses installed on it.

To install the VX or VX-DEMO license on an existing V-WLC instance, use the license command. For more information, see the examples provided in this section.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Service Platforms — NX 95XX, NX 96XX


vx9000 <MAC>


vx9000 <MAC>
vx9000 <MAC> Configures a V-WLC and enters its configuration mode. The V-WLC configuration is the same as that of a normal controller.


nx9500-6C8809(config)#vx9000 11-22-33-44-55-66
Device Mode commands:
  adopter-auto-provisioning-policy-lookup  Use centralized auto-provisioning
                                           policy when adopted by another
  adoption                                 Adoption configuration

  adoption-site                            Set system's adoption site
  adoption-mode                            Configure the adoption mode for the
                                           access-points in this RF-Domain
  alias                                    Alias
  application-policy                       Application Poicy configuration
  area                                     Set name of area where the system
                                           is located
  arp                                      Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  auto-learn                               Auto learning
  autogen-uniqueid                         Autogenerate a unique id
  autoinstall                              Autoinstall settings
  bluetooth-detection                      Detect Bluetooth devices using the
                                           Bluetooth USB module - there will
                                           be interference on 2.4 Ghz radio in
                                           wlan mode
  bridge                                   Ethernet bridge
  captive-portal                           Captive portal
  cdp                                      Cisco Discovery Protocol
  channel-list                             Configure channel list to be
                                           advertised to wireless clients
  cluster                                  Cluster configuration
  configuration-persistence                Enable persistence of configuration
                                           across reloads (startup configfile)
  contact                                  Configure the contact
  controller                               WLAN controller configuration
  country-code                             Configure the country of operation
  critical-resource                        Critical Resource
  crypto                                   Encryption related commands
  database                                 Database command
  device-upgrade                           Device firmware upgrade
  dot1x                                    802.1X
  dpi                                      Enable Deep-Packet-Inspection
                                           (Application Assurance)
  dscp-mapping                             Configure IP DSCP to 802.1p
                                           priority mapping for untagged
  email-notification                       Email notification configuration
  enforce-version                          Check the firmware versions of
                                           devices before interoperating
  environmental-sensor                     Environmental Sensors Configuration
  events                                   System event messages
  export                                   Export a file
  file-sync                                File sync between controller and
  floor                                    Set the floor within a area where
                                           the system is located
  geo-coordinates                          Configure geo coordinates for this
  gre                                      GRE protocol
  hostname                                 Set system's network name
  http-analyze                             Specify HTTP-Analysis configuration
  interface                                Select an interface to configure
  ip                                       Internet Protocol (IP)
  ipv6                                     Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  l2tpv3                                   L2tpv3 protocol
  l3e-lite-table                           L3e lite Table
  layout-coordinates                       Configure layout coordinates for
                                           this device
  led                                      Turn LEDs on/off on the device
  led-timeout                              Configure the time for the led to
                                           turn off after the last radio state
  legacy-auto-downgrade                    Enable device firmware to auto
                                           downgrade when other legacy devices
                                           are detected
  legacy-auto-update                       Auto upgrade of legacy devices
  license                                  License management command
  lldp                                     Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  load-balancing                           Configure load balancing parameter
  location                                 Configure the location
  logging                                  Modify message logging facilities
  mac-address-table                        MAC Address Table
  mac-auth                                 802.1X
  mac-name                                 Configure MAC address to name
  management-server                        Configure management server address
  memory-profile                           Memory profile to be used on the
  meshpoint-device                         Configure meshpoint device
  meshpoint-monitor-interval               Configure meshpoint monitoring
  min-misconfiguration-recovery-time       Check controller connectivity after
                                           configuration is received
  mint                                     MiNT protocol
  mirror                                   Mirroring
  misconfiguration-recovery-time           Check controller connectivity after
                                           configuration is received
  mpact-server                             MPACT server configuration
  neighbor-inactivity-timeout              Configure neighbor inactivity
  neighbor-info-interval                   Configure neighbor information
                                           exchange interval
  no                                       Negate a command or set its
  noc                                      Configure the noc related setting
  nsight                                   NSight
  ntp                                      Ntp server WORD
  offline-duration                         Set duration for which a device
                                           remains unadopted before it
                                           generates offline event
  override                                 Override a command
  override-wlan                            Configure RF Domain level overrides
                                           for wlan
  power-config                             Configure power mode
  preferred-controller-group               Controller group this system will
                                           prefer for adoption
  preferred-tunnel-controller              Tunnel Controller Name this system
                                           will prefer for tunneling extended
                                           vlan traffic
  radius                                   Configure device-level radius
                                           authentication parameters
  raid                                     RAID
  remove-override                          Remove configuration item override
                                           from the device (so profile value
                                           takes effect)
  rf-domain-manager                        RF Domain Manager
  router                                   Dynamic routing
  rsa-key                                  Assign a RSA key to a service
  sensor-server                            AirDefense sensor server
  slot                                     PCI expansion Slot
  spanning-tree                            Spanning tree
  timezone                                 Configure the timezone
  traffic-class-mapping                    Configure IPv6 traffic class to
                                           802.1p priority mapping for
                                           untagged frames
  trustpoint                               Assign a trustpoint to a service
  tunnel-controller                        Tunnel Controller group this
                                           controller belongs to
  use                                      Set setting to use
  vrrp                                     VRRP configuration
  vrrp-state-check                         Publish interface via OSPF/BGP only
                                           if the interface VRRP state is not
  wep-shared-key-auth                      Enable support for 802.11 WEP
                                           shared key authentication

  clrscr                                   Clears the display screen
  commit                                   Commit all changes made in this
  do                                       Run commands from Exec mode
  end                                      End current mode and change to EXEC
  exit                                     End current mode and down to
                                           previous mode
  help                                     Description of the interactive help
  revert                                   Revert changes
  service                                  Service Commands
  show                                     Show running system information
  write                                    Write running configuration to
                                           memory or terminal


Related Commands

no Removes a VX 9000 wireless controller