MiNT Policy

This chapter summarizes MiNT policy commands in the CLI command structure.

All communication using the MiNT transport layer can be optionally secured. This includes confidentiality, integrity and authentication of all communications. In addition, a device can be configured to communicate over MiNT with other devices authorized by an administrator.

Use the (config) instance to configure mint-policy related configuration commands. To navigate to the config MiNT policy instance, use the following command:

<DEVICE>(config)#mint-policy global-default
Mint Policy Mode commands:
  level    Mint routing level
  lsp      LSP
  mtu      Configure the global Mint MTU
  no       Negate a command or set its defaults
  router   Mint router
  udp      Configure mint UDP/IP encapsulation

  clrscr   Clears the display screen
  commit   Commit all changes made in this session
  do       Run commands from Exec mode
  end      End current mode and change to EXEC mode
  exit     End current mode and down to previous mode
  help     Description of the interactive help system
  revert   Revert changes
  service  Service Commands
  show     Show running system information
  write    Write running configuration to memory or terminal