Configures the router preference field value advertised in RAs. The options are high, medium, and low. This value is used to prioritize and select the default router when multiple routers are discovered.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


router-preference [high|medium|low]


router-preference [high|medium|low]
router-preference [high|medium|low] Sets this router‘s preference over other routers, in the link, to be the default router. The options are high, low, and medium. The default value is medium.
The following points should be taken into consideration when configuring router preference:
  • For a router to be selected as a default router, the router‘s lifetime should not be equal to “0”.
  • To enable default router selection, using router information contained in RAs, configure default router selection on that interface.


nx9500-6C8809(config-ipv6-radv-policy-test)#router-preference high
nx9500-6C8809-6C8809(config-ipv6-radv-policy-test)#show context
ipv6-router-advertisement-policy test
 ra suppress
 ra interval 200
 nd-reachable-time global
 router-lifetime 2000
 advertise mtu
 advertise hop-limit
 router-preference high
 dns-server 2002::2 lifetime 3000
 domain-name TechPubs lifetime infinite

Related Commands

no (ipv6-ra-policy-config-commands) Removes the router preference field value advertised in RAs