Configures the parameters that determine whether the access point ignores or responds to a client's association/authorization request

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i, AP510e, AP560i, AP560h


assoc-response [ac-strict|deny-threshold <1-12>|rssi-threshold <-128--40>]


assoc-response [ac-strict|deny-threshold <1-12>|rssi-threshold <-128--40>]
assoc-response Configures parameters based on which the AP ignores or responds to client's association/authorization request. The options are: ac-strict, deny-threshold, and rssi-threshold.
Note: All three options are disabled by default.
ac-strict Denies association requests from non 11ac capable wireless clients
deny-threshold <1-12> Configures the number of times the AP ignores association/authorization requests, if the RSSI is below the configured RSSI threshold value
  • <1-12> – Specify a value from 1 - 12.
    Note: The AP always ignores association/authorization requests when deny-threshold is not specified and rssi-threshold is specified.
rssi-threshold <-128--40> Configures the RSSI threshold. If the RSSI is lower than the threshold configured here, the AP ignores the association/authorization request.
  • <128--40> – Specify the RSSI threshold from -128 - -40 dBi.


ap505-133E1C(config-profile-testap505-if-radio2)#assoc-response rssi-threshold -128
ap505-133E1C(config-profile-testap505-if-radio2)#show context
 interface radio2
  mesh client
  antenna-elevation 5.0
  antenna-gain 12.0
  aggregation ampdu tx-only
  aeroscout forward ip port 300
  antenna-mode 2x2
  assoc-response rssi-threshold -128

Related Commands

no (radio-interface-config-command) Removes the RSSI threshold, based on which an association/authorization request is either ignored or responded.