ipv6-router-advertisement-policy config commands

The following table summarizes the IPv6 router advertisement (RA) policy configuration mode commands:
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IPv6 Router Advertisement Policy Config Commands

Command Description
advertise Enables advertisement of IPv6 MTU (maximum transmission unit) and hop-count value in RAs
assist-neighbor-discovery Enables advertisement of the source link layer address in RAs
check-ra-consistency Enables checking of consistency in RA values advertised by this router with those advertised by other routers, if any, on the same link
dns-server Configures the DNS server‘s IPv6 address and lifetime advertised in RAs
domain-name Configures the Domain name search label advertised in RAs
managed-config-flag Sets the managed address configuration flag in RAs
nd-reachable-time Enables advertisement of neighbor reachable time in RAs
ns-interval Configures the interval between two successive retransmitted NS (neighbor solicitation) messages
other-config-flag Sets the other-configuration flag in RAs
ra Configures RA related parameters, such as the interval between two unsolicited successive RAs
router-lifetime Configures the default router‘s lifetime, in seconds, advertised in RAs
router-preference Configures the router preference field value advertised in RAs
unicast-solicited-advertisement Enables unicasting of solicited RAs
no (ipv6-ra-policy-config-commands) Removes or reverts router advertisement policy settings