Displays Bluetooth radio statistics for RF Domain member access points. The AP-8432 and AP-8533 model access points utilize a built-in Bluetooth chip for specific Bluetooth functional behaviors in a WiNG managed network. Both these model access points support the Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. These platforms use their Bluetooth classic enabled radio to sense other Bluetooth enabled devices and report device data (MAC address, RSSI and device calls) to an ADSP server for intrusion detection. If the device presence varies in an unexpected manner, ADSP can raise an alarm.

The AP-8432 and AP-8533 model access points support Bluetooth beaconing to emit either iBeacon or Eddystone-URL beacons. The access point‘s Bluetooth radio sends non-connectable, undirected low-energy (LE) advertisement packets periodically. These advertisement packets are short and sent on Bluetooth advertising channels that conform to already-established iBeacon and Eddystone-URL standards.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP-8432, AP-8533


show bluetooth radio {detail|on}
show bluetooth radio {detail {<DEVICE-NAME> <1-1>|filter bluetooth-radio-mac <BT-RADIO-MAC>}} 


show bluetooth radio {detail {<DEVICE-NAME> <1-1>|filter bluetooth-radio-mac <BT-RADIO-MAC>}} 
bluetooth radio Displays Bluetooth radio utilization statistics based on the parameters passed
detail <DEVICE-NAME> <1-1> Optional. Displays detailed Bluetooth radio utilization statistics. Optionally, to view detailed information for a specific access point‘s Bluetooth radio, specify the access point‘s and the radio‘s MAC addresses.
  • <DEVICE-NAME> <1-1> – Optional. Specify the access point‘s hostname or MAC address.
    • <1-1> – Specify the bluetooth radio interface index number from 1 - 1. As of now only one Bluetooth radio interface is supported. The Interface index number is appended to the AP‘s hostname or MAC address in the following format: ap8533-06FBE1:B1 OR 74-67-F7-06-FB-E1:B1
The following information is displayed:
  • access point‘s hostname as its network identifier
  • access point‘s alias. If an alias has been defined for the access point its listed here. The alias value is expressed in the form of <hostname>:B<Bluetooth_radio_number>. If the access point has a administrator assigned hostname, it is used in place of the access point‘s default hostname.
  • access point‘s factory encoded MAC address
  • access point and bluetooth radio‘s administrator assigned area of deployment (the AP‘s geographical location)
  • bluetooth radio‘s state (on/off)
  • bluetooth radio‘s reason for inactivity (in case the radio is off)
  • bluetooth radio‘s factory encoded MAC address serving as this device‘s hardware identifier on the network
  • bluetooth radio‘s functional mode: bt-sensor or le-beacon
  • bluetooth radio‘s beacon period
  • bluetooth radio‘s beacon type
  • descriptive text on any error that‘s preventing the Bluetooth radio from operating
filter bluetooth-radio-mac <BT-RADIO-MAC> Optional. Specifies additional filters to get table values. Filters data based on the Bluetooth radio‘s MAC address.
  • <BT-RADIO-MAC> – Specify the Bluetooth radio‘s MAC address. The system only displays statistics related to the specified Bluetooth radio.
on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME> The following keywords are recursive and common to all of the above.
  • on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME> – Optional. Displays Bluetooth radio statistics on a specified device or RF Domain
    • <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME> – Specify the name of the device or RF Domain. If the device name is explicitly given, the results display data for the specified AP only. If the RF Domain is explicitly given, the results display data for all APs within the specified RF Domain.

If no device/RF Domain is specified, the results include data for all Bluetooth radios within the controller‘s RF Domain.

If the controller is in the “on rf-domain all” mode, the results include data for all Bluetooth radios for all APs in each domain known to the controller.


nx9500-6C8809(config)#show bluetooth radio on ap8533-06F808
 BLUETOOTH RADIO      RADIO MAC           MODES                     STATE
ap8533-06F808:B1  74-67-F7-08-A3-B0    BLE-Beacon                  On
Total number of Bluetooth radios displayed: 0
nx9500-6C8809(config)#show bluetooth radio detail 74-67-F7-06-F8-08 1
Radio: 74-67-F7-06-F8-08:B1, alias ap8533-06F808:B1
 STATE          : Off [shutdown in cfg]
 PHY INFO       : MAC: 74-67-F7-08-A3-B0
 ACCESS POINT   : Name: ap8533-06F808  Location: default  Placement: Indoor
 BEACON TYPES   : Eddystone-URL
 BEACON PERIOD  : 1000ms
 Last error     :