This section describes the process of creating managed WLAN on an RFS 4000 wireless controller, and associating it with the AP 7161 and AP 7602access points.

Upon completion, you will have created a WLAN on a RFS 4000 model wireless controller using a DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to associated wireless clients.


Verify the following conditions have been satisfied before attempting the WLAN configuration activities described in this section:

  • It is assumed the RFS 4000 wireless controller has the latest firmware version available.
  • It is assumed the AP 7161 and AP 7602access points also have the latest firmware version available.
  • It is assumed there are no previous configurations on the wireless controller or access point and default factory configurations are running on the devices.
  • It is assumed you have administrative access to the wireless controller and access point CLI.
  • It is assumed the individual administrating the network is a professional network installer.


This section defines the network design being implemented.

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Network Design

This is a simple deployment scenario, with the Access Points connected directly to the wireless controller. One wireless controller port is connected to an external network.

On the RFS 4000 wireless controller, the GE1 interface is connected to an external network. Interfaces GE3 and GE4 are used by the Access Points.

On the external network, the wireless controller is assigned an IP address of The wireless controller acts as a DHCP server for the wireless clients connecting to it, and assigns IP addresses in the range of to The rest of IPs in the range are reserved for devices requiring static IP addresses.

Using the Command Line Interface to Configure the WLAN

These instructions are for configuring your first WLAN using the wireless controller CLI.

Use a serial console cable when connecting to the wireless controller for the first time. Set the following configuration when using the serial connection:

  • Bits per second:19200
  • Data Bit: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bit: 1
  • Flow Control: None

Logging into the Controller for the First Time

When powering on the wireless controller for the first time, you are prompted to replace the existing administrative password. The credentials for logging into the wireless controller for the first time are:

  • User Name: admin

  • Password: admin123

Ensure the new password created is strong enough to provide adequate security for the wireless controller managed network.

After logging in to the controller, follow the steps below to configure a controller-managed WLAN:

  1. Create an RF Domain.
  2. Create a controller profile, with WLAN, VLAN and GE interface configurations.
  3. Create a access point profile.
  4. Create a DHCP server policy.
  5. Test your WLAN status.