Configures the per-fetched OpenDNS device_id. Once configured, all DNS queries originating from wireless clients associating with the WLAN are appended with an additional 31 bytes of data (representing the device ID) at the end of the DNS packet. The device ID is a sixteen (16) character hex string representing a 64 bit unsigned integer and is fetched from the OpenDNS site.

This command is part of a series of configurations that are required to integrate WiNG access points, wireless controllers, and service platforms with OpenDNS. When all the parameters have been configured, DNS queries from wireless clients, associating with the WLAN, are redirected to OpenDNS ( OR These OpenDNS resolvers act as proxy DNS servers that provide additional functionalities, such as Web filtering, reporting, and performance enhancement. For more information on the entire configuration, see opendns.


opendns device-id <DEVICE-ID>


opendns device-id <DEVICE-ID>
opendns device-id <DEVICE-ID> Configures the device ID to embed in DNS queries sent to OpenDNS
  • <DEVICE-ID> – Specify the device ID.


The following command fetches the device_id from the OpenDNS site.

ap505-13403B(#opendns ApiToken 9110B39543DEB2ECA1F473AE03E8899C00019073
device_id = 0014AADF8EDC6C59

Use this device_id in the WLAN configuration context.

ap505-13403B((config)#wlan opendns
ap505-13403B((config-wlan-opendns)#opendns device-id 0014AADF8EDC6C59
ap505-13403B((config-wlan-opendns)#show context
wlan opendns
 ssid opendns
 vlan 1
 bridging-mode local
 encryption-type none
 authentication-type none
 opendns device-id 0014AADF8EDC6C59

Related Commands

no (wlan-config-mode) Removes the device ID configured to be embedded in the DNS queries originating from the WiNG devices