control-vlan (meshpoint-config)

Configures a VLAN as the dedicated control VLAN for this meshpoint

Mesh management traffic can be sent over a dedicated VLAN. This dedicated VLAN is known as the control VLAN, and should be configured in the backhaul port of all the access points configured as meshpont roots. Once configured, the control VLAN carries the mesh point's control traffic.

Configured on WiNG 7.1.X controller and pushed to the following WiNG 5.9.X APs:

  • Access Points — AP7502, AP7522, AP7532, AP7562, AP7602, AP7612, AP7622, AP7632, AP7662, AP8163, AP8543, AP8533


control-vlan [<1-4094>|<VLAN-ALIAS-NAME>]


control-vlan [<1-4094>|<VLAN-ALIAS-NAME>]


Configures a VLAN as a dedicated carrier of mesh management traffic

[<1-4094>| <VLAN-ALIAS-NAME>] Configures the control VLAN
  • <1-4094> – Specify the control VLAN from 1 - 4094. The default is VLAN 1.
  • <VLAN-ALIAS-NAME> – Uses a vlan-alias to specify the control vlan. If using a vlan-alias, ensure that it is existing and configured.

If VLAN 1 is configured as the control VLAN, ensure that the VLAN is configured in the wired port of all access points belonging to same meshpoint.

Note: Control VLAN need not necessarily be added in the allowed VLAN list.


nx9500-6C8809(config-meshpoint-test)#control-vlan 25
nx9500-6C8809(config-meshpoint-test)#show context
meshpoint test
 meshid test
 beacon-format mesh-point
 control-vlan 25
 allowed-vlans 1,10-16,18-23
 security-mode none
 no root

Related Commands

no (meshpoint-config)

Resets the control VLAN for this meshpoint to its default value of VLAN 1