exclude (meshpoint-device-config)

Enables wired-peer (that are wired MiNT level-1 neighbors) exclusion

Configured on WiNG 7.1.X controller and pushed to the following WiNG 5.9.X APs:

  • Access Points — AP7502, AP7522, AP7532, AP7562, AP7602, AP7612, AP7622, AP7632, AP7662, AP8163, AP8543, AP8533


exclude wired-peer mint-level-1


exclude wired-peer mint-level-1

exclude wired-peer

Excludes neighboring mesh devices

wired-peer mint-level-1

Excludes neighboring wired mesh devices with MiNTlevel-1 link

When enabled, all neighboring wired mesh devices are excluded from mesh links.


rfs4000-229D58(config-profile-testAP71XX-meshpoint-test)#exclude wired-peer mint-level-1
rfs4000-229D58(config-profile-testAP71XX-meshpoint-test)#show context
 meshpoint-device test
  exclude wired-peer mint-level-1

Related Commands

no (meshpoint-device-config)

Disables wired-peer exclusion on this meshpoint