Use the no command to remove a setting or to revert a setting to its default value.


The commands have their own set of parameters that can be reset.


no [adoption|captive-portal|crypto|debug|logging|page|service|terminal|virtual-machine|wireless] 
no adoption {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>}
no captive-portal client [captive-portal <CAPTIVE-PORTAL-NAME>|mac <MAC>] {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>}
no crypto pki [server|trustpoint]
no crypto pki [server|trustpoint] <TRUSTPOINT-NAME> {del-key {on <DEVICE-NAME>}|on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no logging monitor
no page
no service [block-adopter-config-update|locator|snmp|ssm|wireless]
no service snmp sysoid wing5
no service block-adopter-config-update
no service ssm trace pattern {<WORD>} {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no service wireless [trace pattern {<WORD>} {on <DEVICE-NAME>}|unsanctioned ap air-terminate <BSSID> {on <DOMAIN-NAME>}]
no service locator {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no terminal [length|width]
no virtual-machine assign-usb-ports {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no wireless client [all|<MAC>]
no wireless client all {filter|on}
no wireless client all {filter [wlan <WLAN-NAME>]}
no wireless client all {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>} {filter [wlan <WLAN-NAME>]}
no wireless client mac <MAC> {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>}


no <PARAMETERS> Resets or reverts settings based on the parameters passed

Usage Guidelines

The no command negates any command associated with it. Wherever required, use the same parameters associated with the command getting negated.


nx9500-6C8809>no adoption
nx9500-6C8809>no page
nx9500-6C8809>no service cli-tables-expand line