bridge-vlan-mode commands

The following table summarizes bridge VLAN configuration mode commands:

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Bridge VLAN Config Mode Commands

Command Description
bridging-mode Configures how packets on this VLAN are bridged
captive-portal Enables IP packet snooping on wired captive portals, and also configures the subnet to snoop
captive-portal-enforcement Enables auto-enforcement of captive portal rules on this extended VLAN interface
description Configures VLAN bridge description
edge-vlan Enables edge VLAN mode
firewall Enables firewall on this bridge VLAN interface
http-analyze Enables the analysis of URLs and data traffic on this Bridge VLAN
ip Configures IP components
ipv6 Configures IPv6 components
l2-tunnel-broadcast-optimization Enables broadcast optimization
l2-tunnel-forward-additional-packet-types Enables forwarding of WNMP (Wireless Network Management Protocol) packets across L2 tunnels. These WNMP packets are normally not forwarded if L2 tunnel broadcast optimization is enabled.
mac-auth Enables MAC authentication for Extended VLAN and Tunneled traffic (both MiNT and L2TPv3)
name Configures a name for the selected Bridge VLAN
no Negates a command or reverts settings to their default
stateful-packet-inspection-l2 Enables stateful packet inspection in the layer 2 fire wall
registration Enables forwarding of bridge-vlan information (such as, name and vlan) to the ExtremeGuest (EGuest) server.
tunnel Enables tunneling of unicast messages to unknown MAC destinations, on the selected VLAN bridge
tunnel-over-level2 Enables extended VLAN traffic over level 2 MiNT links
use Associates a captive-portal, access control list (IP, IPv6, or MAC), and a URL filter with this bridge VLAN